Tea and coffee thermoses are considered to be some of the essential and indispensable products for every home in daily usage or for hospitality, picnics, and also at work، but as a result of high frequent usage in serving Arabic Coffee and the existence of coffee, tea, and cardamom remains; some unwanted smells may be formed inside the thermos.

 We will address the best way to clean and preserve the thermos and get rid of any unwanted smells.


Requirements to clean a 1 Liter thermos:

· A half liter of water.

· Quarter cup of vinegar.

· Quarter cup of rose water.

· One big spoon of Sodium bicarbonate.

· One big spoon of Vanilla.

· Two brushes (big & small) for cleaning.

· Two cinnamon sticks.


Instructions to clean the thermos


  • Put water inside the thermos.
  • Add Vinegar - Add a spoon of Sodium Bicarbonate into the thermos.
  • Seal the thermos cap tightly - Strongly shake the thermos and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Add water with some cleaning liquid into the thermos.
  • Use the big brush to clean the inside part of the thermos.
  • Use the small brush to clean the pouring nozzle of the coffee thermos.
  • Use a soft sponge with some cleaning liquid to clean the thermos surface.
  • Rinse the thermos with water - Follow the same instructions to clean the thermos cap.
  • Use a clean towel to dry the thermos surface.
  • Leave the thermos for a little bit without closing the cap for ventilation.


For getting rid of unwanted smells:

Use the spices to prepare Arabic coffee, especially Saudi Cofee may affect bad smells after using many times, so you should:

  • Pour a cup of hot water with a quarter cup of rose water into the thermos
  • Then add 2 sticks of cinnamon and a big spoon of vanilla
  • Leave the thermos closed for 30 minutes
  • Always remember to clean the thermos just after each use to avoid the formation of unwanted smells

Important tips:

  • Don't put the thermos in the microwave or dishwasher
  • Don't use chlorine or chemical bleach for cleaning
  • Don't use wire or any abrasive tools in cleaning the thermos
  • After using don't let your coffee for a long time in the thermos without cleaning it.


You must purchase the best thermoses that can preserve temperature by following proven steps to check the thermos, after that you must use your thermos well to keep your drink hot in the thermos.