Have you heard about Kashmiri tea? have you tried to make it before? Interested to try it now by yourself by following a few simple steps and enjoy the Kashmiri Tea with its amazing pink color and distinctive aroma which would take you into a magical journey to the origins of Kashmiri Tea in South Asia

Kashmiri tea was emerged by the English troops in India, but Kashmiris made their special copy of it, and After the Kashmir conflict, some of them went to Pakistan, so the Kashmiri tea has been one of the most famous drinks there, and served at many events such as weddings and others.

You can learn about its ingredients in the preparation steps within the following lines:

The benefits of Kashmiri tea

1. Manage the pressure and keep a healthy heart.

2. Manage blood sugar level and stimulate metabolism.

3. Burn body fat and work to lose weight.

4. Cancer prevention thanks to its antioxidant compounds.

5. Treating depression and protecting against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

6. Delaying signs of aging.

7. Reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

8. Improving digestive and respiratory functions.

9. Strengthen bones, teeth and protect gums from bacteria.

10. Protection from having cold and flu.

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Ingredients of Kashmiri tea

Rose Thermos |  pink Kashmiri tea ingredients

  • 3 cups of water.
  • A cup of milk.
  •  1 tablespoon of saffron.
  • 5 open cardamom beans.
  • Chopped cinnamon stick.
  • 3 teaspoons of black tea.
  • 2 anise flowers.
  • Chopped almonds.

Preparation steps

  • Put the water into a pot, and add the cinnamon, cardamom, and anise to the water.
    Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea
  • Put the pot over the fire up to boiling.
    Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea
  • Add the tea and the saffron to the mix with continuous stirring.
  • Add the milk with continuous stirring. 
    Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea
  • lower the fire and let the mix boil for 10 minutes.
    Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea
  • Filter the ingredients and put the mixture inside a thermos to keep it hot.
    Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea
  • Add the chopped almonds to the cup just before serving.Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea
  • pour the drink into the cup.
    Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea


  • You can sweeten it with honey instead of sugar as you prefer.
    Rose Thermos | How to make pink Kashmiri tea

Now you can enjoy the wonderful pink color of Kashmiri tea and its amazing aroma preferable by people with good taste, don't forget to know about how to make original Karak tea and its benefits, for more amazing ideas about hot drinks which you can serve to your family visit our blog, you can keep it hot in thermoses preserve the temperature for the longest time, but make sure that you use the original thermos to keep your Arabic coffee hot to its last drop.